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Pet ownership is one of the few pleasures we can count on in today’s busy world. Not only is it fun, it’s therapeutic. Pet owners live longer; have lower blood pressure and a better outlook on life. No small wonder that we want to reciprocate by giving our pets a good life as well. Crystal and Doyle Friesen provide products and services that can make that easier.

Pet supplies are far from new to the Friesens. Combined they have 50 years of experience working in the industry, including Taylor Made Pet Products’ 16 years in business. They have a comprehensive background to help you to make the best choice for your pet’s wellbeing. Read more…

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210 Tenth St. Keewatin, ON

“Crystal and her husband are amazing to deal with and so informative. Great selection of products, especially of premium brands of dog/cat food. Support this local business!”

Megan Lemay, Google Review

“Knowledgeable friendly staff. Crystal and Doyle are dedicated to the concerns of pets and their owners. Great selection of quality foods and supplies right next to the lake!”

Kelley Morrell, Google Review

“Great source of pet food, toys, accessories, etc. Very knowledgeable staff.

Kenora’s principle source for puppy and dog training.”

Lenard Whiting, Google Review

What We Offer

Taylor Made Pet Products focuses Canadian and USA Sourced and manufactured treats and chews, as well as toys and accessories for dogs, cats, fish, birds and reptiles. We offer unique, high quality products and guarantee the highest quality service.


Holistic, grain-free, Canadian and USA Made dog foods, treats, collars, toys, grooming tools, and more!


Top quality wet and dry cat foods, toys, scratching posts, cat furniture and grooming tools. See what we have to offer for your feline friend.

Birds & Small Animals

Bunnies, guinea pigs, hamsters, and birds of all kinds – we have the food, bedding, litter and toys you need to keep your pets happy and healthy.

Fish & Reptiles

Looking for tank accessories for fish and reptiles? Look no further! Plus, we have a variety of specialty foods. If your fish or reptile needs it – chances are we have it.

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